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September Student of the Month

Alex Hyler is the CHASS student of the month.
Alex Hyler is the CHASS student of the month.

Meet Alex Hyler, CHASS Student of the Month

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Class: Senior

Major: Spanish Languages and Literatures

Minor: Biological Sciences

Sample Courses:

  • Topics in the Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • General Microbiology
  • Sounds of Spanish


  • Intern, Smiles of Cary Dental Office, Cary, NC, Fall 2013-present
  • Teaching Assistant, BCH (Biochemistry) 351, Fall 2014
  • Volunteer, Give Lee Kids a Smile, Sanford, NC, Spring 2014
  • Founder and Chair, NC State Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fundraiser, 2013-14
  • Vice-President, NC State Pre-Dental Club, 2013-14
  • Volunteer, North Carolina Missions of Mercy Clinics, 2013-14
  • Intern, Zervos & Earwood Family Cosmetic Dentistry, Raleigh, NC, Spring 2013
  • Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain, Fall 2012
  • Translator and Dental Assistant, First Presbyterian Medical Mission, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Spring 2012


  • Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society
  • Delta Delta Sigma Pre-dental Honor Society

Postgraduate Plans:

Dental school

Why did you select CHASS?

I have been studying Spanish since elementary school. I had a very inspiring high school Spanish teacher, and went to Spain for three weeks on a high school trip. I felt CHASS had a very strong Spanish program, including a focus on linguistics.

What have been your favorite CHASS courses?

Introduction to World Archaeology with Prof. Scott Fitzpatrick and Spanish Oral and Written Expression II with Prof. Karen Tharrington. Both were very approachable, and had a passion for their subjects, which made me look forward to going to class. Prof. Tharrington has become more like a friend, offering me suggestions about studying abroad and doing translating work.

What do you enjoy most about CHASS?

The faculty do more than simply teach here. They serve as role models. They support you in becoming a well-rounded person by teaching beyond their specific subject. My professors know me by name, and I feel like I am part of a community, not simply a number.

What has been your greatest challenge at NC State?

In high school, I felt that you looked at material and either “got it” or you didn’t. My freshman year, I realized I needed to change some of my study and test-taking strategies for certain subjects, such as science. Success in that area involves doing practice problems and repeating use of formulas and concepts. It was also an adjustment to have a midterm or final that covered a very large quantity of information.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Get involved and pursue things that interest you, whether it is sports, language, theater, or some other area. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It can be intimidating for a new student to raise your hand in a class and admit you don’t understand something, especially if you are used to small class sizes, as I was. Take a risk!