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Classical Studies

Classical Studies introduces students to many aspects of ancient civilization: the arts, history, philosophy, and the Latin and Greek languages. These are the source of many important intellectual and artistic achievements of Western civilization.

Program Overview

Courses in Classical Studies not only provide knowledge of fundamental ideas of Western thought, but also foster a critical, inquiring spirit informed by a 3000-year perspective that reaches the heart of education in the humanities.

Minor in Classical Studies

We offer a minor in Classical Studies with concentrations in Greek, Latin, and Classical Culture. The minor is an excellent foundation for advanced work in other academic disciplines as well as professional programs in law, medicine and management.

By presenting a broad selection of courses in the various disciplines of language, literature, philosophy, religious studies and history, the minor provides students with a sound introduction to the study of the ancient world. Because of the continuity between ancient and modern cultures, it also allows students to develop a keener perception and better understanding of the cultural forces at work in the contemporary world.

Depending on their other undergraduate or career goals, students will have the option of pursuing one or more of three concentrations within the Classical Studies minor: Greek, Latin or Classical Culture. The Concentrations in Greek and Latin focus on intensive study of the ancient languages, with significant additional exposure to Classical literature and culture in translation. The Concentration in Classical Culture offers the option of pursuing more general study of Classical literature and culture mostly or exclusively in translation.


Dustin Heinen
Associate Teaching Professor
Office: Withers 203
Phone: 919-515-9280

Alberto de Simoni
Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: Withers 408

Tools and Resources for Classical Studies


Information About Greek and Latin Paleography