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Ceremony Recognizes Best Graduating Seniors

Foreign Languages and Literatures Department Head Dr. Ruth Gross and Assistant Department Head Dr. Dudley Marchi welcomed faculty, students, families, and friends to the 2017 Outstanding Graduating Seniors Award Ceremony celebrated last Wednesday April 26 from 3:30 to 5pm at Caldwell Lounge.

Congratulations to all!!

The following is the list of students who were recognized during the event:

Department Head Dr. Ruth Gross during welcoming everyone to the event.

Arlene Malinowski Memorial Award

Logan Hamrick

FLL Teacher Education Distinguished Alumni Award

Ryne Jones

Diane Fagin Adler Francophile Scholarship

Madeleine Guyant

Spanish Faculty Award

Amanda Smith

smith img
Spanish senior Amanda Smith receives the Spanish Faculty Award. She received also the Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Award for Spanish.

Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Awards

(French)    Grace Parker

(German)  Atilla Kurt

(Italian)    Amanda Smith

(Russian)  David Hallen

L.I. Felner Scholarship for Study Abroad

Grace Parker

Ashlea Smith

parker img
French Senior Grace Parker…


Outstanding Student in Beginning Arabic

Taylor Hayden

Kyla Talmadge

Outstanding Student in Intermediate Arabic

Laney Cook

Outstanding Student in Advanced Arabic

Benjamin Hobbs

Katelyn Long


Outstanding Freshman in Chinese Studies

Alexander Atkins  

Outstanding Achievement in First Year Chinese

Jintao Gao

Jasmine Lang

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Chinese

Jenna Kane

William Meehan

Nathaniel Vance

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Chinese

Alex Cusumano   

Luis Pizarro

Olivia Zalecki

Anna Zhao   

National Security Education Program (NSEP)

David L. Boren Scholarship

Samuel Webster


Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Greek

Christopher Hill

Zachary Rhodes

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin

Rebecca Bratsch

Eileen Jakeway (UNC Charlotte exchange student)

John Turner

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Latin

Elaina Martz

William Verkerk

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies

Tam Le       

Kayla McMillan


The English as a Second Language Teacher Education Award

Taura Simmons (Zebulon GT Magnet Middle School)


Outstanding French Minor   

Alexey Bondarev

Outstanding French Major

Juan Rodriguez

Outstanding Contribution to the French Club

Melissa Turner   


Outstanding First Year German Student

Jill Anderson

MacKenzie Lamb

Michelle Verastegui-Sanchez

John Watson

Outstanding Second Year German Student

Taylor Howard

Motaz Al Samman

Nishi Shah

David Walser           

Outstanding Third Year German Student

Rebekah Luther

Outstanding German Studies Minor

Mike Friedrich

Mateo Schiemann

Outstanding German Major

Christina Jamba

Allison Richardson


Outstanding Graduate Student in French

Megan Demeny

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish

Diana Dang

Diana Torres

Sonya Trawick


Award of Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu                                   

Elizabeth Gilbert

Award of Excellence in Intermediate Hindi-Urdu         

Sagar Mistry

Award of Excellence in Advanced Hindi-Urdu

Jaisal Amin


Most Improved Student in Italian Studies

Samantha Rogers

Outstanding Dedication to the Italian Club    

Evan Anderson


Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Japanese

Albaraa Kamal

Adoria Walker

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Japanese

Zeyu Chen

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Japanese

Mallory Jahanbozorgi

Darren Sander


Excellence in Beginning Portuguese  

Erica DeSousa

Megan Riordan

Elizabeth Terceira

 Excellence in Intermediate Portuguese

John Barclay

Karl Martin

Stefanie Pereira

Excellence in Advanced Portuguese

Kristopher Noel


Outstanding Senior in Spanish

Madeline Chambers

Darlin Mejia

Amanda Smith

Outstanding Service to the Spanish Program

Ian Beggen