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French Studies

At NC State, majoring or minoring with a concentration in French combines the best of both worlds. You’ll get practical training in writing, conversation and reading – along with exposure to culture in the form of literature, cinema, art and music.

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Program Overview

The French-speaking world is broad and diverse. Of the 255 million people who speak French daily, more than half live in nations outside of Europe. The French language provides the key to opening opportunities for your future on almost every continent. Whether you want to go into education, marketing, tourism, medicine, law or any other field, French can take you there. French Studies at NC State will train you not only on how to speak French but also on how to operate in a variety of French-speaking cultures.

Major in French

As a French major, you have two options when it comes to your degree:

  • French Studies gives you a broad education in language and culture.
  • French Education offers a customized track for future teachers.

Minor in French

Getting a minor in French is a smart way to make your degree even more marketable. No matter what your major is – from computer science to veterinary medicine – knowing how to speak a second language can set you apart from everyone else.

Why French?

Societies, Clubs and Culture

With a concentration as vibrant as French, you can’t help but have fun while earning your degree. After all, if you’re learning to speak a new language, you may as well find some interesting people to speak it with, right? NC State offers plenty of clubs, societies and activities to give you that extra joie de vivre.

  • French Club (Le Cercle Français) is a social group that introduces students to experiences such as cheese tastings, travel discussions and other cultural activities.
  • French Honor Society (Pi Delta Phi) is the French National Honor Society for undergraduate and graduate students at accredited public and private colleges and universities in the United States.
  • French Business School (SKEMA): SKEMA is one of the top business schools in France with satellite campuses around the world, including at NC State on Centennial Campus.
  • French Ambassadors is a student organization that promotes French Studies at NC State and welcomes French SKEMA Business School students into American culture.

Take advantage of the Triangle’s significant French roots with these local resources.

  • The Alliance Française: A French-American cultural organization of francophones and francophiles that meets regularly for cultural events and social gatherings.
  • Ecole2France: A French school that enables you to immerse yourself in language, literature, history, art, culture and civilization without leaving North Carolina. The school is for children and adults of all levels.
  • Triangle French Meet-Up: Attending these gatherings helps you meet people in the community and sharpen your French conversational skills.
  • North Carolina Museum of Art: Raleigh’s impressive art museum includes works by French artists Pierre Mignard as well as Oudry, Millet and Monet.
  • French Connections: A unique shop located in Pittsboro that sells French antiques, art, jewelry and gifts.
  • Saint-Jacques French Cuisine: Authentic French dining located in the heart of Raleigh. Indulge in classic dishes such as coq au vin, cassoulet and more.
  • Vin Rouge: This Durham bistro whisks you away to the south of France with a menu loaded with fruits de mer, steak and a wide selection of local and French cheeses.

French Study Abroad

The French study abroad program takes you to Paris and Lyon. Take a seven-day study tour of Paris and the Loire Valley chateaux and then study for four weeks at the Centre International des études françaises (CIEF) in Lyon, the French capital of Roman Gaul and contemporary French cuisine. During the study tour, students will learn the history of France through visits to the locations of major historical events. While in Lyon, students will take two hours of class in the morning and spend two hours each afternoon in area-specific workshops on location in Lyon.

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Dr. Michael Garval
French Section Coordinator

Dr. Tatiana Kazhanova
French Major Advisor

Dr. Scott Despain
French Minor Advisor

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French Education Advisor