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The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literatures. Students may choose concentrations in six different languages. We also offer 10 academic minor programs.

Our advisors are ready to work with you as you plan courses, study abroad programs, and extra-curricular activities We also assist students across campus who use world language courses to fulfill a variety of general education and college requirements. Let us help you explore those possibilities.

Important Information for Majors

The Handbook for World Language Majors provides useful information for current world language majors and students who are interested in a foreign language major, including a list of concentrations and advisors.

If you wish to become a foreign language major, please check out the Change of Degree Application (CODA) to learn about preferred requirements and calendars. The Student Services Center is a one-stop shop for information on registration, degree completion, billing, financial aid, and other things related to student success.

Looking for Information on Degree Requirements?

Information for All Students

Learn about study abroad opportunities by visiting NC State Study Abroad and the Why Study World Languages and Cultures? web page. You may also find out about Placement Information and the Language and Computer Labs Bldg Rm 214, as well as general information on our undergraduate programs and related topics.  

The department offers free tutoring sessions for lower-level French and Spanish students.

Graduating or Applying for Graduation?

Contact Advising

Susan Navey Davis

Susan Navey Davis
Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs
Director of Undergraduate Advising
Administrative Head for Foreign Language Minors.

Office: 321 Withers Hall (Enter through 310)

Mailing Address

Campus Box 8106 
Raleigh, NC 27695-8106 
Phone: 919 515 9288 
Fax: 919 515 6981