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Graduate Program Information Night Draws in Prospective Students

Recently, students, professors, and alumni gathered in the main lobby of Withers Hall to share in the supporting community and available resources through the Graduate Program in Foreign Languages and Literatures, here at NC State. The event was an opportunity to showcase the impact that involvement in this program has on it’s students, both past and present.

Dr. Scott Despain, the Director of Graduate Programs, warmly welcomed all in attendance and talked about the inclusive nature of the program. Current students were present as well to share their personal experiences about the classes they’re enrolled in, the various opportunities available for funding, all over a dinner of arepas — a traditional Latin American bread — and a variety of delicious french cheeses. Several professors involved with the program were also in attendance to talk about current research opportunities for graduate students in linguistics, cultural studies, literature, and other related subjects.

Something unique to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures‘ graduate program is that, “Unlike the traditional Masters in French or Spanish that emphasizes period and genre approaches to literature, the N.C. State program integrates the study of language, literature, culture and civilization.” It is the incorporation of combining linguistics, literatures, and the cultural aspects of the languages that sets apart this program from its competitors. To find out more information about the M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures, please visit the Graduate Program website.

comida img
Attendants enjoyed arepas and other traditional Latin American food. Photo by Annabelle Hale
despain img
Foreign Languages and Literatures Director of Graduate Studies Prof. Scott Despain enjoys a delicious piece of the cake. Photo by Annabelle Hale.