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World Literatures and Cultures

Experience the lives and stories of people around the planet in a World Literatures and Cultures class — and consider a World Cultural Literacy minor.

Program Overview

The content of classes may include film, animation, illustrations, texts, lyrics and popular cultural references. Readings are in English translation, but original texts may be supplied on request.

Most of the World Literatures and Cultures courses fulfill Humanities as well as GK requirements. Courses cross-listed as FL/ENG have seats available under both FL and ENG: one course, same time, same place, same teacher, same requirements filled. Students can search under both FL and ENG for open seats. 

Minor in World Cultural Literacy

Experience the world through the living arts, while gaining an understanding crucial to working well with others in cultures across the globe. The World Cultural Literacy minor offers an opportunity for breadth and balance, especially for STEM students, in literature, history of art, history, music, philosophy, and religious studies.

Contact Us

Dr Meredith Fosque 
Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of World Languages and Literatures
Office:  Withers 418
Phone:  919-513-7034