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Italian Studies

Today’s professionals require the ability to communicate on an international scale. Mastering Italian provides a blend of cultural enrichment, global communication skills, business opportunities and personal growth.

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Program Overview

Enhance your major with the enriching experience of the Minor in Italian Studies – the ideal complement to majors in the social sciences, design, business, and STEM disciplines. The minor in Italian Studies covers Italian language, culture, science and technology, history, literature, and art, providing a comprehensive exploration to enrich your academic journey.

Minor in Italian Studies

By choosing our minor in Italian Studies, you not only deepen your understanding of language and culture but also gain insights into a thriving economy. Italy stands as one of the world’s leading economies, with strengths extending into various industries, including manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, and shipbuilding. Immerse yourself in Italian language, culture, and business dynamics through our minor in Italian Studies, enhancing cross-cultural communication and global perspectives in your academic portfolio. The minor in Italian Studies enhances your career opportunities, giving you an edge in a competitive job market. Possible positions include international business consultant, cultural liaison or ambassador, and positions in art and museum curation, as well as international development.

To earn an Italian Studies minor, you must complete 15 credits.

Study Abroad

Embarking on a study abroad experience will enhance your cultural understanding, language skills, academic knowledge, personal growth, and problem-solving skills, providing a valuable advantage in the global job market.

Our summer study abroad in Perugia is the ideal location for students who wish to acquire a genuine experience of Italian life, culture, history, and culinary art in a safe, student-friendly environment. Upon successful completion of the program, you may earn up to 6 credits, the equivalent of two foreign language semesters at NC State, and fulfill Global Knowledge and Humanities GEPs.

Check our NC State Summer Study Abroad in Perugia-Italy program on social media.

Clubs and Societies

Italian Club (Circolo Italiano)

Our goal, as a student-based organization, is to connect students interested in the Italian language and culture through various Italian-based activities, including the support of the Perugia Study Abroad program headed by Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler. We warmly welcome all types of Italian enthusiasts and encourage participation for all our club-based functions.

Gamma Kappa Alpha (Italian Honor Society)

The Italian Honor Society Gamma Kappa Alpha signifies “Knowledge and Virtue.” The purposes of the Society are to recognize outstanding scholastic performance in the fields of Italian languages and literature and to encourage college students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture. Inductees receive a certificate of membership.
The faculty adviser is Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler.

Contact Information

Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler
Section Coordinator, Italian Studies
Office: Withers 222
Phone: 919-515-9294