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Foreign Language Education

From coursework to fieldwork to licensure requirements, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps so you can go from learning in a classroom to leading one.

Program Overview

Before you teach, you learn. That’s what our foreign language education concentration is all about. In collaboration with the College of Education and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, we offer a program leading to a French, German or Spanish teaching license in North Carolina, grades K-12.

Why Foreign Language Education?

Our students have the opportunity to:

  • Take a variety of courses in their content area, leading to a deeper and broader understanding of the content they will teach.
  • Earn both a B.A. degree and a teaching license in four years.
  • Learn content knowledge and classroom instruction simultaneously.
  • Practice and refine teaching skills in the content area through education courses.
  • Participate in field experiences in the public schools, including a semester-long teaching internship.

Teaching careers require not only knowledge of the subject matter but the ability to communicate that information effectively to students. Foreign language programs with an education concentration prepare students to teach with sound content knowledge and excellent pedagogy, develop effective leadership skills, and design engaging curricula for today’s learners.

Students who are studying to become teachers must plan for two important gateways in the our program:

  1. Admission to Teacher Education Candidacy (ATC). You must complete the following requirements to be automatically granted admission to the ATC by:
    • Completing freshman English and mathematics course requirements, ED 204 and ECI 204.
    • Completing of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) in Reading, Mathematics and Writing of the PRAXIS exam (or SAT equivalent score).
    • Reaching junior status with 60 or more semester hours.
    • Earning a GPA of 2.75 or higher in all NC State courses.
  2. Admission to the Professional Semester. In the spring of your junior year, you will apply for the professional semester and plan for Praxis II. Admission to the professional semester will be in the fall of your senior year. All coursework must be completed by the end of the fall semester of your senior year, before student teaching.

Arlene Malinowski Award

With this award, we are pleased to honor our late colleague Dr. Arlene Malinowski, who served our department in many capacities including associate professor, assistant department head and director of the foreign language teacher education program. She was an inquisitive scholar, a tireless advocate for students, a lover of foreign languages and cultures, a dedicated teacher and caring colleague, as well as a zealous promoter of foreign language education. Her work with the Teacher Education program and methods course has impacted so many teachers around the state.  In her memory, we honor a student in our foreign language teacher education program who demonstrates outstanding academic achievements and leadership qualities, as well as a love of languages and cultures and a high level of involvement in academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

The following criteria are used in determining eligibility for the award:

  • Foreign Language Education major*
  • Senior ranking
  • Successful completion of the Professional Year (Methods and Student Teaching)
  • GPA of 3.5 or better
  • Shows a dedication to the teaching profession
  • Displays high ethical standards
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Commits to new challenges
  • Takes the initiative to contribute to the teaching field

* Although not required, preference is given to those who are also pursuing ESL certification as an add-on.

Foreign Language Education Distinguished Alumni Award

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Teacher Education Program Distinguished Alumni Award began in 2002 to recognize our graduates who continue to demonstrate exemplary service to the teaching profession. 

The award includes, but is not limited to, obtaining National Board Certification, participation in conferences, work with organizations dedicated to promoting foreign language in schools, advocacy, work within the school and district, innovation and creativity with teaching, and/or working with pre-service and beginning language teachers. 

For more details, please contact Foreign Language Education Coordinator Karen L. Tharrington.

To apply for a North Carolina Teaching Certificate, you must complete the undergraduate French/Spanish Education program as well as your student teaching and the edTPA (teaching portfolio). You must also get a passing score on the content area PRAXIS II test, as well as edTPA.  You can use the SAGE program in the MyPack Portal to keep track of your gateways and submit your evidence online.

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