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An Afternoon of Achievements, Foreign Languages and Literatures Students Receive Awards

On April 25th, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures joined faculty, staff, relatives, and friends in recognizing its top students for their excellence and academic prowess.

Listed below are outstanding F&LL graduate and undergraduate students who have received scholarships and awards this semester: 

Arlene Malinowski Memorial Award

Cristina Lane

Diane Fagin Adler Francophile Scholarship

Cyrus Rad

Spanish Faculty Award

Serene Ahmad

Julia Wood Skinner Scholarship Awards

(French) Rebeca Teran                      

(German) Cristina Jamba

(Italian) Victoria Dickson                

(Russian) Riley Nagy

L.I. Felner Scholarship for Study Abroad

Hannah Bain

Carly Burnette

Allison Richardson


Outstanding Student in Beginning Arabic

Andrew Gray

Michaela Larrison

Outstanding Student in Intermediate Arabic

Hannah Chaya

Taylor Hayden

Outstanding Student in Advanced Arabic

Mohamed Alsous

Nathan Durrant


Outstanding Achievement in First Year Chinese

Jessica Andersen

Benjamin Gillespie

Janice Yang

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Chinese

Joan Dela Cruz

Luke Hallam

Ragan Harrison

Sarah Jiang

Alec Stachowicz

Kalvin Zhao

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Chinese

Jenna Kane

Lucy Liu

Will Meehan

Cassie Paulin


Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin

Daniel Browning

Megan Hall

Ronak Patel (posthumous)

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Latin

Rebecca Bratsch

John Turner

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Latin

Sarah Cox

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Greek

Christopher Hill

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies

Katherine Ledson

Kier Way


The English as a Second Language Teacher Education Award

Julie Aiken (North Carolina English Language Learner Coordinator for Cherokee County Schools)


Outstanding French Minor

Matthew Brouwer

Ashtyn Coates

Outstanding French Major

Jared Dease

Kristin Hommel

Outstanding Contribution to the French Club

Melissa Turner

Recipient of the John Philip Couch Scholarship

Maggie Cotter


Outstanding First Year German Student

Olivia Guidone

Morgan Impink

Gabrielius Susteris

Olivia Wander

Outstanding Second Year German Student

Braden Oakes

Sarah Siddiqui

John Watson

Charles Weaver

Outstanding German Studies Minor

Kevin Acken

Ondrej Drobny

David Walser

Outstanding German Major

Meredith Bain

Fisher Stines

Most Improved German Studies Student

Stephen Reish


Outstanding Graduate Student in French

Elise Bouley

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish

Hannah Bollinger

Sarah Chetty

Brandon Inman

Stephanie Oliver

Maria Leonor Rodriguez

Ainhoa Urkitza-Villegas


Award of Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu

Nicolle Oza

Eva Panjwani


Most Improved Student in Italian Studies

Kiana Black

Outstanding Dedication to the Italian Club

Cameron Jacques


Outstanding Achievement in First Year Japanese

Gabriel Bisti

Connor Quillen

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Japanese

Jessica Anderson

Jesse Kronz

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Japanese

Minh Nguyen

Outstanding Achievement in Fourth Year Japanese

Mitchell Martin

Special Recognition from the Japanese Language Program

Austin Williams

Jesse Flores Asian Language Leadership Award

Kat Edwards

Meg Kurdys


Excellence in Persian

Susan Alavi

Saeed Karimipour


Excellence in First Year Portuguese

Dylan Hunter Bradford

Excellence in Second Year Portuguese

Erica DeSousa


Excellence in Beginning Russian

Candace Daughtridge

Autumn Evans

Zachari Helon

Amanda Swanson


Outstanding Senior in Spanish

Serene Ahmad

Ian Beggen

Derek Bingham

Jess Gallo

Maggie Schroder

Rachel Walter

In Recognition of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Serene Ahmad (Madrid Chamber of Commerce Health Sciences Superior)

Derek Bingham (Madrid Chamber of Commerce Business Sciences Superior)

Spanish Club Officer Award

Dylan Bradford

Sarah Brandt

Sean Cherlinczuk-French

Heather Keleher

Roman Lewis