Russian Studies

The Minor in Russian Studies is designed to serve the interests of students who wish to keep abreast of events in Russia, to understand the cultural and historical background of current developments, and to explore the relationships of Russia and the former Soviet Union to the rest of the world.

“There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness and truth are absent.” – Leo Tolstoy


Requirements for the minor include five courses (15 hours) from the Department of World Languages and Cultures and the Department of History (electives).

The program offers courses in the Russian language, literature (in translation), history, and cinema.


  • FLR 201 Intermediate Russian I
  • FLR 202 Intermediate Russian II (GEP Course Knowledge Course) 
  • FLR 303 Russian Literature in Translation: The 19th Century*
  • FLR 304  Russian Literature in Translation: The 20th Century*
  • FLR 318 Russian Cinema and Society
  • HI 338 Empire, War and Revolution in Russia

* Russian literature courses also satisfy the College of Humanities and Social Sciences literature requirement and may satisfy literature or humanities electives in many other majors. FLR 202- satisfies GEP Global Knowledge .  requirement.  Check your Automatic Degree Audit for a listing of acceptable literature courses or consult with the coordinator of advising for your major to see how these courses may be used in your degree.

Required courses include:

  • FLR 201 & 202
  • FLR 303
  • FLR 304 

And any one from the following:

  • FLR 318 Russian Cinema and Society
  • HI 338 Empire, War and Revolution in Russia


Tolstoy Barefoot. Oil canvas by Ilya Repin (1901).
Attribution: Wikimedia Commons.

Contact Information

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Section Coordinator, Russian Studies
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