As part of the "BRIC" — a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be in the path to become advanced economies — Portuguese-speaking Brazil is becoming one of the world's newest economic and political powerhouses. That’s why mastering Portuguese could be a very smart move. Our Portuguese program includes courses that combine learning the language and culture, and that can help prepare you for many types of careers, giving you an edge in a highly competitive job market.

Portuguese Minor


  • Completion of 15 credit hours is required.
  • 9 Credit hours must be taken at NC State or through the UNC Language Assembly/Portuguese as World Language Consortium
  • In addition to FLP 201 (3 credits), two additional Portuguese language or culture courses (6 credits) above the FLP 201 level to be listed under the FL295 rubric must be taken through the UNC Language Assembly/Portuguese as a World Language Consortium are required.
  • A maximum of six (6) credit hours may be transferred into the minor from another institution. The minor adviser may approve more on a discretionary basis.
  • The Department of World Languages and Cultures will determine which courses transferred from other institutions may qualify to meet requirements for the minor.
  • A grade of ‘C-’ or better is required in all courses in the minor program.
  • A maximum of TWO (2) courses may be used (double-counted) towards both another departmental major requirements and minor requirements.


Application for admission to any university minor program is now available via MyPack Portal. Admission will be based on the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review. Learn more about how to add a minor. 

Students should meet with the minor adviser to develop a plan of study indicating required courses and expected dates of completion.


The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Please meet with Director of Undergraduate Advising Susan Navey-Davis if you have any questions.


Required Courses

  • FLP 201 Intermediate Portuguese I
  • FL 295  Special Topics in Foreign Languages and/or Literatures (2 courses above the FLP 201 level through the UNC Language Assembly/Portuguese as a World Language Consortium)

Elective Courses

Any two of the following:

  • ANT 325 Andean South America
  • ANT 330 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
  • AFS 240 African Civilization
  • AFS 342 Introduction to the African Diaspora
  • AFS 343 African Religions
  • FOR 414 World Forestry
  • GEO 259 Geography of Latin America
  • HI 215 Latin America to 1826
  • HI 216 Latin America Since 1826
  • HI 276 Introduction to the History of West Africa
  • HI 453 United States-Latin American Relations
  • HI 469 Latin American Revolutions in the Twentieth Century
  • PS 231 Introduction to International Relations

Course Exchange List

The Portuguese Exchange offers lower and upper-level courses both in the Portuguese language as well as in transdisciplinary areas such as Brazilian Studies, Luso-African Studies, and Portuguese Studies. Most courses are offered through our interconnection of distance-learning classrooms which are linked by audio and video technology. Students may also link into these classrooms via their home computer and fully participate in the courses.

Students can access the courses offered each semester through the Portuguese Course Exchange Website by clicking on the Courses tab on that page. Students interested in taking classes in the exchange should check with Portuguese section coordinator and review the information on the Guidelines page.

Course Exchange Links


Karen A. Coachman
Senior Lecturer
Section Coordinator and Minor Advisor, Portuguese
Email: kacoachm@ncsu.edu
Office: Language And Computer Labs 206
Phone: 919-515-2475

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