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Congratulations to our 2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Award Recipients. These students represent the best of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Outstanding Student in Beginning Arabic
Patrick Girard
Terry Johnson             

Outstanding Student in Intermediate Arabic
Corena Owens

Outstanding Student in Advanced Arabic
Samuel McRee

Outstanding Graduation Senior Arabic
Bryan Diver
Tiba Hikmat

Outstanding Achievement in First Year Chinese
Jonah Dixon
Moriah Miller
Yosuke Mizutani
Emily Ostermann
Emily Tsan
John Watson

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Chinese
Lexus Bivins
Alexander Dixon
Merida Mathis
Connor Moore
Jessica Taylor
Morgan Weinberg

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Chinese
Tearrany Andrews
Britany Guo
Sarah Jiang
Aron Rash

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Greek
Laura Smith

Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Latin
Tom Burns
Taylor Sook

Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Latin
Daniel Browning   

Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies
Ryan Henkel
Ashley Little   

Outstanding French Minor 
Daria Cure

Outstanding French Major
Meredith-Rebecca Faire-Cooper
Erika Helmers

Outstanding First Year German Student
Devran Dannenberg
Bentley Strong
Alex Wall

Outstanding Second Year German Student
Joshua Aelick
Lily Morrell
John Siddiqui

Outstanding Third Year German Student
Ryan Brandt
Michelle Kirchner
Jamison Weaver

Outstanding German Studies Minor
Wynne Plaga
Sarah Siddiqui
John Watson

Outstanding German Teacher Education Major
Reed Bowman

Outstanding Graduate Student in French
Elise Bouley

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish
Kathryn Cavanaugh
Jeremy Miller


Award of Excellence in Elementary Hindi-Urdu
Kyrstin Fuoco

Award of Excellence in Intermediate Hindi-Urdu
Nicolle Oza

Most Improved Student in Italian Studies
Stanton Parham

Outstanding Service to the Italian Club
Samantha Malatesta

Outstanding Achievement in First Year Japanese
Ian Hyatt
Haohao Yu                  

Outstanding Achievement in Second Year Japanese
Zach Lacer
Blake Wentley

Outstanding Achievement in Third Year Japanese
Jenna McLemore
Tom Simpson        

Outstanding Achievement in Fourth Year Japanese
Jessica Andersen

Special Recognition from the Japanese Language Program
Katlyn Edwards


Excellence in Elementary Portuguese 
Luisa Lyons
Thania Menjivar

Excellence in Intermediate Portuguese
Dylan Bradford

Excellence in Beginning Russian
Spencer Atchison
Alec Barzach
Annabel Breen
Connor Salisbury


Outstanding Senior in Spanish
Sara Babin
Lexus Bivins
Amari Carethers
Nick Chisholm
Zach Smith
Nidha Williams

Spanish Club Officer Award
Dylan Bradford
Nick Juhasz
Heather Keleher
Abigail Williams