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Graduate Forms and Processes

You will need to complete most of the following forms, etc., as you enroll and then proceed toward graduation. All forms are student-initiated, with approximate deadlines in parenthesis. (All Graduate School forms can be found here, the schedule of required documents here, and the Adobe Reader here.):

  1. Graduate School Admissions Application (February 1 [TA positions], February 15 [International] or May 1 [US Citizens] for Fall Admissions)
  2. Master’s Plan of Graduate Work (via MyPack – Draft of first 9 hours saved prior to beginning the first semester; complete the form *online* following the SIS training instructions; consult with your advisor (Director of Graduate Programs) as needed)
  3. Request to Transfer Credit (Prior to final semester before graduation; contact the Graduate secretary to initiate the process)  Please note that this step is only for students who have credits they are transferring from another institution, hours from NC State which were completed as a Non-Degree Seeking students (NDS/PBS), or from the ABM program.
  4. FLF/FLS 630 Agreement (if necessary) If a student has taken all of the courses offered in a particular semester, the student may consider working out an FLF/FLS 630 course with a willing faculty member.
  5. Form Culminating Project Committee (Formed prior to the registration window opening in the penultimate semester.) Potential chair and committee (1 or 2 additional members) are contacted by student for approval; committee chair is submitted via MyPack when GPoW is submitted for approval; chair indicates official approval via MyPack Portal. 
  6. Apply to Graduate (By end of the first month of final semester, and prior to the Apply to Graduate Deadline.) Completed through the MyPack Portal; double-check your name, privacy block settings, and diploma address.
  7. Schedule Culminating Project (No later than  two months prior to the end of the semester). Arrange date with committee members then inform the Graduate Services Coordinator and request assistance in scheduling a room.
  8. Culminating Project (Completed and submitted to committee members at least two weeks prior to the scheduled Culminating Project Review.)
  9. Assessment Portfolio (Prior to the Culminating Project Committee meeting; turned in and reviewed by the Culminating Project Committee chair, then submitted to the Graduate Services Coordinator)
    1. Each M.A. candidate submits a portfolio during the final semester of course work.
    2. The portfolio consists of three papers (including projects) completed in distinct semesters, with at least one being written in the target language.
    3. The student gives the portfolio to the chair of his/her Culminating Project Committee, either in electronic or hard-copy format, per the committee chair’s preference.
    4. The chair will review the portfolio to make sure it meets the minimum requirements.
    5. Once approved the chair submits the written portfolio with the Culminating Project Review Form to the Graduate Services Coordinator (Withers 313 or in the mailbox). The student will send the electronic version of the portfolio via email to the Graduate Services Coordinator for processing.
    6. The portfolio is used for assessment of the graduate program, and not the student.
  10. Exit Interview (Online; to be filled out/submitted prior to the Culminating Project Committee Review)
  11.  Culminating Project Review:
    1. The CPR must be completed prior to the Friday of the first week of final exams; contact your committee chair, no later than one month before the end of the semester in which you plan to graduate, about scheduling this meeting.
    2. The CPR is a formal meeting that lasts approximately 60 minutes; in addition to the three committee members, the student is welcome to invite other students, faculty and family members to this review.
    3. The committee generally meets for 10 minutes prior to the start of the CPR to discuss last-minute questions, address any concerns, and determine the schedule of the CPR.
    4. The CPR is conducted by the committee chair. After a welcome, the student is then invited to take between 15 and 30 minutes to present a synopsis of the project. Depending on the preference of the student, questions can be asked during the presentation, or all questions are held until after the presentation is complete.
    5. Following the presentation, attendees are allowed to ask questions, followed by the committee members.
    6. After all questions and discussion, the chair invites everyone but the committee members to step out of the room. The committee then discusses the presentation and the project, determines if the project will be accepted as is, if changes need to be made, and what those would be, before acceptance of the project, or if the project is not acceptable.
    7. Once the committee decides on a course of action, the committee chair invites the student back in to discuss the results of the CPR. The committee provides feedback on the project/presentation, and hopefully, the committee members will have signed the pass/fail form. The student will also be asked to discuss future plans, as well as provide follow-up to the written exit interview with any additional information he/she would like to add.
    8. The Culminating Project Committee form must be signed by the Culminating Project Committee and turned in to the Graduate Services Coordinator by the Friday of the first week of finals.
    9. See a sample CPR.

*Please note that diplomas are no longer given out at graduation, but rather are mailed to students at the address provided by the student as the preferred correspondence address in MyPack Portal.  Please see the Registration and Records site for further information.