Why Study World Languages and Cultures?

There's no better place to begin your college experience than at NC State's Department of World Languages and Cultures. Our students are well-prepared for a variety of careers and they've enjoyed the journey that got them there. The years you spend in our program may be some of the most challenging, exciting years of your life. You'll meet new people, explore new opportunities and have experiences you'll never forget.

Your Adventure Starts Here

Our students don’t just learn to recite foreign phrases or conjugate verbs. They learn how to communicate. How to adapt to new cultures and interact with different people. In other words, they learn skills that are priceless in today’s global marketplace — and they become productive citizens in their own communities as well as around the world. So no matter where your career takes you — from the classroom to the corporate boardroom — you’ll stand out among your peers.

I’m hoping to attend medical school after graduation and speaking Spanish will not only help my application but, long term, make me a more effective doctor.

Kaitlyn Rogers, Spanish and Biology major

Our graduates are making an impact all over the globe. World Languages and Cultures alumni are entrepreneurs and teachers, doctors and diplomats. They live and work from across the world to here in Raleigh. Our department prepares students to become citizens of the world — a priceless skill in the modern economy.

A New Language is an Investment

Graduates entering the workforce can boost their career earnings by knowing multiple languages - The Economist

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Go Exploring

Grab your passport

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture is to live it – not just study it. After all, we want students to learn just as much about the human experience as they do about language. How do you accomplish that? By traveling. Discover all the places you can go through our multiple study abroad programs.

Study abroad is the most effective and dramatic experience by which students can broaden their international viewpoints and attain new perspectives on their own country. As one student put it, "When will you ever again have a chance to become part of another country, even for a short time?"

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Make a Difference

Studying World Languages and Cultures prepares you to impact the world around you — not just as you begin your career, but also as a student at NC State. Our alumni are leaders in their fields and our students are volunteers and researchers, improving their communities while learning.

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Consider your Options

Studying World Languages and Cultures can take you anywhere. There are many ways to get here, too. Whether you’re studying in a different field at NC State and want to add a major or a minor, or you’re looking to make the switch from another school or concentration, our department always welcomes new students of all backgrounds. And if you’re a prospective Spanish or French student, one of your options is to get a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in as few as five years. 

Create the college plan that’s right for you. Find out how you can:

Join one of the fastest growing segments of America's population

From 1980 to 2014, the percentage of multilingual US adults rose from 9.2% to 15.7% -- Humanities Indicators

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Ready to Get Started?

While admission to the Department of World Languages and Cultures is competitive, it’s the perfect place for students who are inquisitive, driven and not afraid of taking risks. If you have a passion for language as well as a desire to learn about the world around you, this might be where you belong. Take the first step — apply!