Tutoring Information

Tutoring takes place on days when classes are in session according to the languages/schedules below. Be sure to review this page prior to attending a tutoring session as schedules are subject to change with advance notice.

French Tutoring

Tutoring Schedule (fall and spring)

Elise Bouley

Thursdays  14:00–16:00

Mondays    13:00–15:00

Location: 2nd floor lobby of Withers Hall.

Additional Resources: See recommended French grammar links.

Spanish Tutoring

Free tutoring sessions are available for students in FLS  101, 102, 105, 110 and 201 during the fall and spring semesters. Free tutoring is not available during the summer. Fall 2023 tutoring begins on August 21 and ends on Dec 5. It takes place on days when classes are in session. Click here for the Fall 2023 Spanish Tutoring Schedule with Zoom links. Note that you must use your ncsu address and you will need to close any other gmail accounts. 

*Drop-in sessions are first come, first served. 
*There will be a waiting room. The tutor will admit you if no one else is being tutored. If a session is in progress, you may have to wait a few minutes.
*The tutor will work with a student for 15 minutes at a time if a student is waiting. 
*Please be respectful and patient. Online tutoring offers more flexibility than in-person sessions but there are challenges. It is essential that students show respect and follow the rules. They will receive a warning if they do not and may be removed if problems persist.

Expectations: Have your textbook (electronic or hard copy) with you and complete your homework before entering a session in order to be prepared to ask questions. Tutoring reinforces instruction even in online learning, it does not replace your class. Please refer to the Guidelines for Working with a Tutor on the Spanish Lower Division Policies page.

Spanish Computer-based Tutorials

Keyboard Setup – Help with foreign diacritical; Dr. Despain's computing support site
Anki - Flashcard program
CONJUGUEMOS Home Page - Alejandro Yegros (Maestro de español, Weston High School, MA)
* DuoLingo  - Language learning program and Smartphone App
Spanish Language and Culture - Barbara Cuczun Nelson - Colby College
Spanish Language Exercises - Juan Ramón De Arana
* Tal Como Suena  - Six Spanish pronunciation modules designed by Gillian Lord, Spanish linguistics professor at the University of Florida.

Additional information for tutoring schedules for lower-division language courses will be posted here as it becomes available. If you have information to be added to this page, please send it to Webmaster.