NC State Language Exchange

The UNC-NC State Online Exchange affords students the opportunity to enroll in courses at campuses other than their home campus at no additional cost. Each exchange represents a different discipline. These exchanges can enhance the courses offered in the student's major program or can provide courses in disciplines not offered on the student's campus. Currently five language-specific exchanges exist: Greek-Latin, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. These five offer advanced courses in the disciplines. A sixth exchange called World Languages has been created to manage introductory courses in less commonly taught languages.

Although classes are listed as face-to-face in some of the exchanges, they are actually held via video conferencing — so you can attend from your home campus.


Greek & Latin
Classical Studies course listing

Dr. Stern's course listing

Dr. Bilenkin's course listing

Dr. Block's course listing
 Dr. Gray's course listing
(Dr. Block and Dr. Gray teach the same course on an alternating schedule)

World Languages
The World Languages category offers introductory courses in less commonly taught languages.
Dr. Bonaduce-Dresler's course listing (Italian)
Dr. Isaacson's course listing (Chinese)
Dr. Mody's course listing (Hindi-Urdu)
Ms. Mohaghegh's course listing (Persian)
Dr. Phukan's course listing (Hindi-Urdu)


  • Before registering for a course at another institution, students must see their advisor to ensure that the course they plan to take will meet specific requirements to transfer.
  • After consulting with their advisors, students should consult with the chair of the department in which similar courses are housed on their HOME campus (the Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures at NC State is Dr. Ruth Gross).
  • Students will register for the course with the registrar on their home campus.
  • Keeping in mind that the campuses may follow different academic calendars, students must check the calendars for ALL institutions from which they are taking classes to ensure they meet start and drop/add deadlines and are prepared for fall/spring break periods.