Foreign Language Education Concentration

Before you teach, you learn. That's what our Foreign Language Education concentration B.A. is all about. From coursework to field work to licensure requirements, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps so you can go from learning in a classroom to leading one. The Foreign Languages and Literatures Education Concentration will not only help you earn a license to teach K-12 French or Spanish in North Carolina schools, but can open doorways to many other careers as well.

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Advantages of a Foreign Language Education Degree

Foreign Language and Literature Students have the opportunity to:

  • Take a variety of courses in their content area, leading to a deeper and broader understanding of the content they will teach
  • Earn both a BA degree and a teaching license in 4 years
  • Learn content knowledge and classroom instruction simultaneously
  • Practice and refine teaching skills in the content area through education courses
  • Participate in field experiences in the public schools, including a semester-long teaching internship

Teaching careers require not only knowledge of the subject matter, but the ability to communicate that information effectively to students.  Foreign Language programs with the Education concentration prepare our students to teach with sound content knowledge and excellent pedagogy, develop effective leadership skills, and design engaging curricula for today's learner. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, in cooperation with the College of Education, and NC State’s Teacher Education program K-12 bases its goals on the NC Professional Teaching Standards, National Standards for Foreign Languages and the 21st Century Skills. Elements focus on the four forms of knowledge:

  • general pedagogy
  • content-specific pedagogical strategies,
  • content or discipline knowledge,
  • and knowledge of the context of education, including foundations, historical perspectives and school settings.

Required Courses

Students must complete all required courses for the FLL major, CHASS and General Education plus the following professional education courses:

  • ED 204 (+ ECI 204 co-requisite) Intro to 21st Century Teaching (taken in the fall of your sophomore year)
  • ED/FLL 299 Field Work in a K-12 School (taken in the spring following ED 204 + ECI 204)
  • EDP 304 Educational Psychology
  • ELP 344 School and Society
  • ED 311 (+ ED 312 co-requisite) Classroom Assessment Principles and Practice
  • ECI 423 Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages (taken the fall of your senior year; 5 CR)
  • ECI 424 Student Teaching Practicum (taken the spring of your senior year; 12 CR)

You must earn professional development credit for workshops throughout your course of study at NC State. 
You must earn at least a C or better in all professional education courses and maintain a 2.75 GPA in your major.

**Please note: No more than nine hours of required or elective courses may be obtained through “Credit by Examination.”

Advised Elective Courses

In addition to your required courses in the Professional Education concentration, students will take 9 hours of free and 9 hours of advised electives. Some courses to consider include:

  • COM 110 Public Speaking
  • ED 201 Technology for Teaching
  • ECI 416 Teaching Exceptional Students in the Mainstream Classroom
  • ENG/FL 325 Linguistic Awareness
  • ECI 305 Diverse Populations (3CR)
  • You could also take other foreign language courses outside your major.
  • Freshmen are encouraged to take ED 100.

Gateways for Teacher Education Students

Students who are studying to become teachers must plan ahead for two important gateways in the Teacher Education program:

1. Admission to Teacher Education Candidacy (ATC) You must complete the following requirements to be automatically granted admission to the ATC by:

  • Completing freshman English and mathematics course requirements, ED 204 & ECI 204
  • Completing of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) in Reading, Mathematics and Writing of the PRAXIS exam (or SAT equivalent score)
  • Reaching junior status with 60 or more semester hours
  • Earning a GPA of 2.75 or higher in all NC State courses

2. Admission to the Professional Semester: In the spring of your junior year, you will apply for the professional semester and plan for the Praxis II. Admission to professional semester will be in the fall of your senior year.  All coursework must be completed by the end of the fall semester of your senior year, prior to student teaching.


To apply for a North Carolina Teaching Certificate, you must complete the undergraduate French/Spanish Education program as well as your student teaching and the edTPA (teaching portfolio). You must also get a passing score on the content area PRAXIS II test, as well as edTPA.  You can use the SAGE program in the MyPack Portal to keep track of your gateways and submit your evidence online.

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