Study Resources

Since courses are online and you can't travel, try out this list of fun and free resources below.

But first, here's the linguistic news: Variations of the coronavirus (including the form that causes SARS) all have a similar appearance under the microscope. Corona is the Latin word for crown; the name comes from the crownlike appearance around the virus particle. The word virus itself comes from the Latin word that means "poisonous, slimy liquid." If you're stuck at home and want to keep your mind sharp, please check out the resources below that have been offered by our faculty.

Work on Your Language at Home

General resources for multiple languages:

  • for practical articles on many languages, including English as a second language
  • The  podcast teaches you how to learn a language on your coffee break (or self-quarantine)
  • gives you the history behind words, including quarantine, which comes from the Italian word for "forty," the number of days ships were held in port during the 14th century if the crew had the plague. The ships probably weren't as nice as all the cruise ships suffering the same situation today!
  • News recaps, but read slowly for better comprehension:
  • Do you miss conjugating in class? Here's a  few solutions: and
  • Learn a language from a native speaker (and help them learn yours) with this app: HelloTalk. Maybe they are bored at home too!
  • Lyrics Training is a unique way to learn English, Spanish, and French through musical lyrics
  • Perhaps the best advice of all for the next few weeks comes from our Spanish Professor Jorge Mari: "read a book or three, play music / sing / dance, talk with your housemates, write, paint, cook, ... have quality time with your pets and plants, put on a play with your housemates, meditate, exercise. ... students are going to be glued to their computers even more than usual with all of their classes going online. Surely they can do something off-line, and off the grid ...?"
    On a related note, the library is open to students and still has books (just wash your hands before and after you browse the shelves!)



  • This YouTube channel has many levels of conversational Hindi-Urdu
  • Practice social distancing and stay virus free with Hindi-Urdu voicemails at Hindi Urdu Flagship. You can hear other speak without being sneezed upon
  • Startalk gives you unscripted, interpersonal dialogue
  • A Door into Hindi has interactive lessons. Be sure to check out the YouTube videos linked to each lesson.

Latin and Ancient Greek:

  • Hoplite Challenge, an app on Apple Store or Google Play has drills to help you parse Greek verbs.
  • Looking for something a little less intense? This YouTube channel teaches you to write the Greek alphabet.
  • Latinitium is a fun site that gives you basic phrases and an idea of what school was like for Roman children.
  • Asterix and Obelix is a comic, originally in French, that has been well-loved for decades. The main titular characters go on adventures during the Roman occupation of Gaul. Here is an English-language video that was based on one of the comic books.


  • Persian Language Online has vocabulary, grammar, and many other tools to help you learn conversational Persian
  • Persian of Iran Today is a free PDF textbook with audio and visual helps.
  • You've leveled up enough on Rise of Kingdoms, now you can learn Persian and even get certification. Headstart 2 Persian is a great resource for those in the military as well. **Note: this site does log your IP, so a warning may come up.**
  • Learn conversational Persian and read/watch great information on Persian culture: Chai and Conversation