German Language Study Abroad

At NC State’s German Studies program, we believe you don’t know it until you’ve lived it. That’s why we strongly support study abroad programs, where students have the opportunity to live, study and even work overseas. It’s total immersion at its best. And it’s an experience that will change your life.


Vienna Summer Program

Dr. Lutz Kube, a professor in the German Studies program, leads this program every summer. It runs for five weeks and is ideal for every level of German student – beginner to advanced. While the program does not fulfill the German Studies study abroad requirement, it serves as an excellent introduction to study abroad, or can be used to advance your coursework for the German minor.

Vienna Summer Program Brochure

UNC-E Baden-Württemberg Semester Exchange Program

The UNC System has an exchange program with the university system of the south German state of Baden-Württemberg, enabling our students to study at a variety of German universities: Freiburg, Heidelberg, Hohenheim, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Tübingen and Ulm. Students get a free four-week intensive course before the semester begins, and there are options for advanced students (FLG 202 required) as well as beginners.

Due to university schedules, the Universität Mannheim is the only true option for a fall semester study abroad since it runs on a semester system similar to NC State’s. All other universities have fall semesters that run mid-October to mid-February and a summer semester that runs mid-April to mid-July. If you opt for a spring/summer semester abroad, you have more flexibility and can choose among any of the universities listed below.

For more information on the program, contact Dr. Helga Braunbeck.

Goethe Institute

This program is a good way to advance your German language and intercultural skills. It’s sponsored by the German government and has locations all over the world that teach German language and culture. Please ask Dr. Braunbeck if transfer credits are available.

Goethe Institute Website   Goethe Locations and Courses

Study Abroad Scholarships

As a college student, you often have the time and resources to travel – but not always the finances. NC State’s German Studies program offers several scholarships to help pave the way.

Study Abroad Office Scholarships

Our in-house scholarship program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Application deadlines are typically in September and July. Learn more.

University of Stuttgart Scholarship

Seven NC State students have successfully won this university’s Baden-Württemberg scholarship. Visit the Study Abroad office for an application, or ask Dr. Braunbeck for more information.

Delta Phi Alpha – German Honor Society Scholarships

Members of the German Honor Society can apply for scholarships. For more information, contact Dr. Lutz Kube.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The DAAD program enables thousands of students to travel abroad every year, and so far we’ve had one NC State student win a scholarship. Learn more.

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

This prestigious program, which has already made it possible for at least one NC State student to spend time in Germany, is a full-year work study fellowship program. Learn more.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

This program offers several study and travel grants. Learn more.