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As a German Studies student, you’ll discover that some of the best lessons are learned outside the classroom. We give you plenty of opportunities to explore every aspect of German culture – from coffee meet-ups to academic clubs.

German Ambassadors Club

Are you enthusiastic about German, Austrian, or Swiss culture? Then maybe you'd like to join the NC State German Ambassadors Club where you can meet like-minded students and work together on organizing and participating in fun events!

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Connect on instagram: @germanambassadorsclub 

Faculty Advisor: Lauren J. Brooks, MEd, PhD,

German Honor Society - Delta Phi Alpha

This notable society, which helps promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization, seeks to recognize academic excellence as well as provide an incentive for higher scholarship. It emphasizes the aspects of German life and culture that are universally valuable and contribute to humankind’s search for peace and truth. NC State’s chapter, Lambda Sigma, was established in 2005 and gives students a connection to local German events. Society members celebrate German holidays such as Unification Day, Oktoberfest and Weihnachten; dine out at German restaurants; and attend German movies, concerts and plays.

NC State German Club - Deutschklub

Everyone is welcome to join this student organization, which focuses on the fun side of German life. The group meets for weekly chats (in German, of course) as well as for opportunities to play board games, watch movies, go hiking and gather for Kochfest (parties with German food). Visit the club’s website for more information, and be sure to get on the listserv for updated activities.

NC State German Club

Other German Experiences

North Carolina Museum of Art – if you’ve never been to the NC Museum of Art, you’re missing out on the chance to see one of the best attractions in Raleigh as well as its fantastic European art collection.