Bachelor of Arts in FL - French Language and Literature Concentration

When it’s time to declare a major, you may already know what you want to do with your life. Or, if you’re like many students, you’re keeping your options open. The concentration in French Language and Literature (LAF) is ideal if you want a broad education in French language and culture. 

All LAF students must take a minimum of 120 hours with a GPA of 2.0 (overall and in the major) to graduate.



The following is a list of required and elective courses that are part of the French Language and Literature concentration:

General Education Courses

See the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Key Points of Information for more details on current curriculum requirements for new and current students.

Required French Courses

You must take 30 semester hours of courses within your degree:  8 required courses plus 2 electives.

  • FLF 201 Intermediate French
  • FLF 202 Intermediate French II
  • FLF 301 Survey of French Literature from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment or FLF 302 Survey of French Literature from Romanticism to the Contemporary period 
  • FLF 308 Advanced Conversation: Contemporary French Cultures
  • FLF 309 French Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • FLF 310 French Syntax and Composition
  • FLF 315 French Civilization and Culture
  • FLF 492 Seminar in French Studies

Departmental Elective Courses

Then you must choose 6 hours of departmental electives. Options include:

  • FLF 307 Business French
  • FLF 318 The Heritage of French Cinema
  • FLF 321 Cultures and Contexts
  • FLF 411 Methods and Techniques in French Translation
  • FLF 425 Literature, Cinema, and Culture of the Francophone World
  • FL 495 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • FL 498 Independent Study in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Offered only under special circumstances upon consultation with major adviser)

Free Electives

Working in collaboration with your adviser, students can design a program that meets their academic needs. There are 34 hours of free electives that allow students to customize their program to better fit their own professional and academic goals.

Suggested Sequence of Courses

310, 308, 309 (language skills)
307, 315, 318, 321
301, 302, 411, 425 (prerequisite: at least two language skills courses)
492 (prerequisite: either 301 or 302)