Asian Language Concentration

Asian LanguagesOver a third of the world lives in China, Japan, and the Indian subcontinent – what would it be like to be able to talk with people in these countries, learn from them as they speak, and experience different cultures from the inside? A major in Asian Languages includes coursework in not only language, but history, literature, media, and popular culture. Majoring in Chinese, Japanese, or Hindi-Urdu - with or without a major in another discipline - opens many doors. So whether you are preparing for a career in business, government, law, education, human services, science, the military, or the arts, developing language skills in an Asian culture will expand your world view and give you a competitive edge.

Interested in Studying Chinese, Japanese, or Hindi/Urdu as a Major/Double-Major Concentration at NC State? 

Asian Language Concentration Major requirements are based on language learning, but can also include courses from other disciplines such as: Asian Civilizations to 1800, Politics of China and Japan, Music of Asia, Chinese and Japanese Religions, and many others.
Chinese Program Home Page (Section Coordinator Nathaniel Isaacson)
Hindi/Urdu Program Home Page (Section Coordinator Sujata Mody)
Japanese Program Home Page (Section Coordinator John Mertz)

For curriculum details go to the What If on your Degree Audit to see course requirements for the Chinese, Japanese, or Hindi-Urdu Language Concentrations. Freshmen and Transfers can consult Curriculum Requirements ( 

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